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Written in Haste

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I.   Acknowledgments

II.  Preface

III. Foreword

IV. Contents

V.  Pictures

  1. Lt. Gen. Wajid Ali Khan Burki
    CBE MB, DOMS, MD, FCPS, FRCP (Ed) LL.D. (Hon)


  2. Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim
    MB, FCCP, FRCP (London), FRCP (Glasgow)


  3. Lt. Gen. Malik Shaukat Hasan


  4. Hadees-e-Arzoo Mandi
    An autobiography by Lt. Gen. Mahmud-ul-Hasan, HI (M), S.BT, SI, TI (M)


  5. Lt. Gen. Mahmud-ul-Hassan (Obituary Note)

  6. Critical analysis and Review of REFLECTIONS of book authored
    by Prof. Kh. Sadiq Husain MBBS, FRCP, FCPS


  7. Dr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry (Obituary Note)


  8. Journey Through Medicine
    by Lt. Gen. M. Afzal Najeeb MBBS, FRCP


  9. In Pursuit of Knowledge: A Pashtunís life form East to West
    Prof. Sher Mohammad Khan


  10. Kiani Kahani - An autobiography
    by Maj. Gen. Masud-ur-Rehman Kiani HI (M), SI, S.BT


  11. Seasons and Cycles of Life - An autobiography
    by Maj. Gen. Ashur Khan MBBS, FCPS


  12. Dil Rawaan Dawann: History of Cardiac Surgery in Punjab
    Prof. Col. Masud Ahmed Cheema MBBS, FRCS, FCPS


  13. Prof. Masud Ahmad Cheema MBBS, FRCS
    Obituary Note by Prof. Anjum Jalal, MBBS, FRCS, FCPS


  14. Maj. Gen. K. Mohammad Mohsin Pal (Obituary Note)
    S.BT, Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military)


  15. Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary MBBS, FRCP (Obituary Note)

  16. Cardiac Surgeon M. Rehman MBBS, FRCS, FCPS

  17. Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad, MBBS, FRCP, FCPS
    (Obituary Note)


  18. Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon MBBS, FRCP, FCPS
    The Father of Dermatology in Pakistan
    (Obituary Note)


  19. Mukhtar Nama - An autobiography
    by Dr. Mohammad Mukhtar Ahmad, MBBS, FRCS


  20. Prof. Fareeduddin Baqai (Obituary Note)


  21. Prof. Eice Mohammadís struggle for improvement of Working conditions for Doctors
    (Reminiscences from Life in Rawalpindi & Jhelum Prisons)


  22. Maj. Gen. Syed Sarfraz Hussain Hamdani HI (Military)
    (Obituary Note)


  23. Prof. Khalida Adeeb Khanum Akhtar
    MBBS, FRCS, FRCOG (Obituary Note)
    by Prof. Mahmud Ahmed Akhtar


  24. Prof. Mohammad Sharif Chaudhry
    MBBS, FRCP (Obituary Note)


  25. Prof. Syed Aslam MBBS, FRCP, FACC, FCPS
    (Obituary Note)


  26. Maj. Gen. Prof. Muhammad Aslam HI (Military)
    MBBS, M Phil, PhD, FPAMS, FCPS


  27. Index


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