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A Guide to the Art of Medical Writing and Scientific Publishing

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I. Title Pages

II. Acknowledgments

III. Contributors

IV. Contents

V. Preface

VI. Foreword

Section-I: History of Medical Writing

1.  The history of Scientific Publishing and Medical Writing
     Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Muhammad Aslam

Section-II: Designing, Planning of a scientific study

2.  Designing, planning and conducting a scientific study
     Nazish Imran

3.  Essential steps in writing research methodology
Abid Azhar, Imran Afzal

4.  How to develop research question and select a research topic
Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Saba Sohail

5.  The Research Journey
Zarrin Seema Siddiqui

6.  How to design a qualitative research
Ahmad Azam Malik

7.  Qualitative research - another view point
Saira Afzal, Fariha Salman

Section-III: Literature Search

8.  Literature search and review
Rehan Ahmed Khan

Section-IV: Data collection, basic statistics

9.  Data collection tools in Qualitative and Quantitative research
Usman Mahboob

10. Basic statical concepts in epidemiological studies
Amna Rehana Siddiqui

Section-V: Research Proposal for Funding

11. How to Develop a Research Proposal for Extramural Funding
Anwar Ali Siddiqui

12. Research Grants and Funding Sources
      Jamshed Akhtar

Section-VI: Medical Writing

13. Principles of Scientific Publishing and Medical Writing
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

14. How authors can take benefit from current advances in Information Technology
Musarrat Riaz

15. Choosing the Right Title and Keywords for a Scientific Article
Mukhtiar Baig

16. How to write an Original Article
Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Mukhtiar Baig

17. How to write a Review Article
Akhtar Sherin

18. Could a Doctral Thesis be a Research Lighthouse?
      HR Ahmad, Satwat Hashmi

19. How to write Synopsis for a Dissertation
Masood Jawaid

20. Writing an acceptable and effective case report
      Ahmed Badar

21. Writing a ‘Short Communication’
      Ali Madeeh Hashmi

22. How to write an Editorial
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Ijaz Hussain

23. How to write Conference Proceedings
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Muhammad Akbar Chaudhry

24. How to write a Letter to the Editor
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

25. How to write a Monograph
      Shabih H. Zaidi

26. How to write a Book Review
      Mukhtiar Baig, Shaukat Ali Jawaid

27. How to write Medico Legal Reports
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

28. Personal Memoirs Writing and its Importance
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

29. How to write an Obituary Note
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

30. How to write a Good Poster which has Impact and
      Advantages of presentation in Poster Session
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Section-VII: Authorship Guidelines

31. Evolution of the ICMJE and its recommendations about authorship
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Section-VIII: Peer Review

32. How to do peer review of a manuscript
Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Nasir Khokhar

33. How to set up Peer Review System: Find and retain good reviewers
      Shaukat Ali Jawaid

34. Characteristics of Good Reviewers and what they should know about reviewing
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

35. How to overcome your inhibitions to be a Peer Reviewer
Shaukat Ali Jawaid

Section-IX: Scientific Misconduct

36. Scientific Misconduct in Medical Writing: An Overview with two cases as examples
Fatima Jawad

Section-X: Predatory Journals

37. How to detect and avoid predatory Journals
      Farooq Azam Rathore, Aamir Raoof Memon

38. Index

39. Data Sharing statement by ICMJE


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