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A Bird’s Eye View of
Biomedical Editing in Iran

Excerpts from presentation by Dr. Farrokh Habibzade MD*

There is a gradual increase in the number of published articles being covered by Science Citation Index Expanded and PubMed. At present there are one hundred thirteen approved biomedical journals published from Islamic Republic of Iran. Of these fourteen are covered by EMBASE Excerpta Medica, four are covered by Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) while four are covered by Index Medicus (Medline). Almost all these biomedical journals are owned, funded and published by different universities of medical sciences. They mainly cater to the needs of the academic staff of the respective universities to achieve career promotions. About 89.79% of these publications are in Persian while only 24.21% are published in English language.
Most of the Editors have got on the job training. It is a common belief that “Editorship is a simple issue and every body can master it” which is not true. Freedom to work and independence of Editors is an important issue. Some of the problems which the Editors of these biomedical journals face include low submission rate, poor quality of manuscripts submitted for publication and non availability of experienced reviewers. The number of experts who can serve as referees is very few, peer review process itself takes long and most often the quality of reviews is not so good. In addition the editors have to work with inactive editorial boards along with poor logistic support.
Possible solutions: Organizing training courses, workshops for authors, researchers, reviewers and editors can help improve the situation to a great extent. Training of members of the editorial board, editorial office staff office also essential. Once there is increase in the number of manuscripts being submitted for publication, it will increase the journal’s visibility besides helping the authors by providing them better service. Above all the editors in the region need to become members and support the aims and activities of the Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME).

* Director at large,
World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)
Chairman, Editorial Committee
Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME)
Editorial Consultant, The Lancet
Director, Shiraz NIOC Medical Education and Research Center,
Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran.
E mail: habibzaf@ams.ac.ir