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Compiling and Editing EMMJ5 Conferencve 12 Proceedings
Welcome Address by Conference President
Message: Dr Hussein A. Gezairy, Regional Director
Message: Dr. Ahmed Jamal, President, EMAME (2008-2010)
Inaugural Session Report
Recommendations by EMMJ5 Medical Journals Conference
Plenary Lecture
Medical journalism: Difficulties and Opportunities
Invited Lectures
Bilingual publications: Challenges to the editor
Improving International Collaboration Among Medical Editors of EMR: Gratifying Results From Some Personal Initiatives

Where does quality come from?

Towards Professionalism in Medical Journalism
Memorial Lectures & Free paper Sessions
Iranís experience of improving Peer-Reviewed
Medical Journals during 2004-2010
Composition of editorial boards of health science
journals in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
The Readerís perspective: An often neglected
parameter in Scientific Writing
What Is Plagiarism and How Much Authors Know About It?
Conflict between Editors and Authors: A Dilemma
e Journal System : Complete and cost effective
e-publishing Journal System www.ejournalsystem.com
AuthorAID in the Eastern Mediterranean 2006 to 2011
Review of JPMA articles from 1953 to 2009. A trend over time
Trends of Public Health Research Studies by Pakistani
Authors in National Journals during last Ten Years
How to Improve the Visibility of Journals
Peer review: No end in sight, Yet
Profound effect of a new Medical Journal on teaching,
training and specialty development
How editing improves the quality of manuscripts?
Journals covered in ULAKBIM Turkish Medical Database
Science in Muslim World
Evaluation of science among scientists
Workshop on Publication Ethics
Workshop on Medical editing
Online, open access resources for editors
Workshop on Manuscript Writing

Workshop on Indexing systems and Medical Journalism

Workshop on Biostatistics
Registered Delegates
Registered Delegates from Overseas
Registered Delegates from Pakistan
Members of Pakistan Association of Medical Editors (PAME)
Pictorial Highlights of EMMJ5
Pictorial Highlights of EMMJ5